Margate, Kent

Lovely warm sunny day in London today. Train from St Pancras to Margate took 1 1/2 hours. At 11:30 stepped off train and out of the station and the sea and beach are right there in front of you but so was a cold wind blowing off the sea. We donned our cardigans and carried on. We dipped our feet in the sea and boy was it cold.

We headed to the Turner Contemporary where there was an exhibition ‘Animals and Us’. Artists, cultural historians, pet owners and others share their perspectives on animals and us.

Lunch was at Angela’s – small restaurant so booking is necessary. We always associate the seaside with fresh fish and we were not disappointed:

smoked prawns with aioli….really smoky and rather unusual and rather yummy.

The freshest and succulent scallops we have ever tasted.

seatrout, broadbean and samphire .

-puree was silky and lovely and trout was cooked perfectly with a crispy skin

turbot steak, spinach with hollandaise – the turbot was cooked beautifully and melted in your mouth

English Sauvignon Blanc – grapes imported from France and the winery in London….light and crisp!

Explored some of the old town, nipping into a few antique shops, then a nice walk out towards the end of the harbour.

Found a pub with a view of beach and sea and whiled away an hour before train at 6:25.

Another seaside town ticked off as worth visiting, easily accessible from London, great restaurant and most importantly full of very friendly people.



Small tapas bar in Exmouth market which Rowan had been wanting to try for some time. With no reservations we walked in and got a spot at the corner of the bar at 5:45. It soon filled up. Chefs are visible in the other corner behind the bar cooking on open grills.

Padron peppers -deep fried and succulent

Spiced lamb on eggplant puree with a scattering of pomegranate seeds and pine nuts…. very tasty with just a hint of spiciness

Deep fried cauliflower,dukkah and green borani (yogurt). Full of flavour. salt cod croquettes…..tad salty but crisp on the outside and fluffy inside

very tender octopus salad with capers and dill……my favourite dish

fillet of lemon sole with anchovy paprika butter….this was beautifully cooked.

Apparently you can now reserve tables which would be recommended as it is a small restaurant. Staff very friendly and service is prompt. Menus change often. Am sure we will be returning.

Exploring Clerkenwell

St John’s Gate once formed the entrance to the ancient Priory that was the headquarters of the Knights of St John aka the Knights of Malta.

Inside are rooms which may be hired out for corporate or social functions.

A beautiful garden adjoins the building and is planted with medicinal herbs and scented flowers.

A 16th century historical building worth seeing.


Tagine is named after the earthenware pot it is cooked in. There are several ways to make a tagine and it is a very personal taste as whether to go for sweet or savoury. We chose savoury. This one is with mereguez sausages made with a spicy lamb mix and peppers. Extremely tasty.


Arrived here late last night and as you step off the plane you immediately have the sense of a mixture of Eastern/African smells. Tiny, clean and smart new airport, Our driver greeted us with a tired looking smile and as we piled into his car with our bags he seemed to relax and welcomed us to his country. After a 20 minute ride though well lit and very well maintained roads we came to the old Medina which we drove through to the edge of the Jemma al Fna square.